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The Current State of Comics

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 12, 2021 10:00 pm    Post subject: The Current State of Comics Reply with quote

DC has a new story line with Tim Drake (Robin) coming out as bisexual. The writer states that the character is figuring out what that means to him and it is her way of showing us that God loves us all.

This prompted me to ask what God's take is on superheroes. Did Jesus or Muhammad ever battle Darkseid or the Parasite? I really want to know what the publishers think they are producing.

I replied to the writer with this comment:
"I thought superhero comics were about individuals selflessly stepping up to fight injustices committed by entities greater than what a normal person could successfully defeat. I did not know it was a vehicle to promote and validate sexual identity."

The simple fact is, I don't care what someones sexual orientation is so long as their partner is consenting and no one is physically or emotionally abused. When I say I don't care, I mean that to the fullest. I care so little about it that stories spotlighting it do not interest me in the least.

I thought about the uproar amongst some comic fans that feel DC and Marvel are shoving these socially conscious themes in everyone's face and ruining comics. To a large degree, I do agree with this assessment.
That prompts me to ask myself if I'm being biased or showing disdain towards alternate lifestyles. Certainly, DC & Marvel are free to explore whatever plots they wish and I am free to chooses to read or buy whatever comics I feel are going to appeal to me.

The internal dialogue I was having with myself brought back a memory from age 10 when I was a young and simple minded. My father was a broadcast engineer. Occasionally, he'd get called in to fix things on a weekend or outside of his normal work schedule. Occasionally, he'd be playing the father role and have to drag the kid (me) to work with him.
When you walked in the Transmitter building, there was a hum from transmitter itself. Blasting throughout the building was the broadcast audio you heard on the radio. My dad was required to monitor the audio to make sure there were no problems with the quality of the signal. The music format was Country music. At age 10, I heard Country Music all the time and didn't really care for much of it. My dad wasn't really a fan of it either, but he had to listen to it. Hearing the music prompted me to ask a question that I thought was logical at the time. I asked my father why radio stations didn't play a mix of music. Why didn't they rotate from Country music, to rock music, to easy listening, and play something for everyone. Wouldn't a radio station be more popular if they played something for everyone? I recall my father saying something to the effect that they just don't do that. As I look back now, I know that a mix of music is exactly what people don't want. If you like rock music, you are going to turn off the radio the minute they switch to opera music. Including something for everyone is almost a sure-fire bet that the station as a whole will appeal to nobody.

Modern comics are making the same incorrect assumption I made as a 10 year old kid. They are pushing diversity rather than sticking with a specific theme. Diversity is a great concept. Tolerance is a great concept. When an individual sits down to relax, they want a comfort zone. They want entertainment or a product that comforts them or inspires them. I'm not inspired by two gay characters in a superhero comic. It's no different than me not listening to opera music. There's nothing wrong with opera music, but it just doesn't inspire me. I couldn't care less if people are dressing up in suit and ties and paying a hundred dollars for a ticket. I'm going to choose something a little more upbeat.

My point is that comics are trying to appeal to everyone, and the end they will appeal to no one as an unintended result. I'm sure there were people that liked Millie the Model, but I didn't. Millie had her audience when I was growing up. Iron Man had his audience. There was representation, without diluting what I did like which was straightforward superhero comics.

Since the writer for this controversial Tim Drake story line feels that the message should be about God loving us, I created this doctored image.

Batman Loves Jesus #1
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